Interesting rumors have started to speculate for Apple’s upcoming handset iPhone 7. One of the most important things to know, Apple might be ditching the long standing 3.5 mm headphones jack. An adapter will be provided to connect headphones to the lighting port. This also means that the giant is ready to discuss a deal with other companies to manufacture Apple certified headphones in the future.

iPhone 7 Colors, Features and Camera

It is also rumored that the new device would be introduced with a new color option of ‘Space Black’ shade to match with Apple smart watch and will feature a larger camera lens. It is also speculated that the phone will be thinner compared to its older versions and would come out with a minimum of 32 GB internal storage.

Apple always introduces major changes in designs and specs when releasing with its numbered naming convention. With minor changes Phones are given “S” variants. For example, iPhone 6S was not much different from iPhone 6 but iPhone 5 was.

Aperture Games iPhone 7 Prediciton and Rumour

Some reports say that Apple might walk away from its usual nomenclature and this new phone may be called iPhone Pro instead of iPhone 7 but nothing has been confirmed yet.

iPhone 7 Specifications
The technology giant has not finalized on the body of the phone but it is unlikely to differ much with the design type of iPhone 6S. Antenna bands at the back of the device are removed but from the top, bottom and sides of the phone.

Prices are expected to be static. Over the course of years, there has not been much change in the pricing strategy. So iPhone 7 is rumored to sell around $649 in retail and digital stores. So users will get 16GB extra in storage with a minimal raise in price. Nothing can be said on whether the middle choice will be of 64GB or 128GB or both with 256GB also as an option.

With the expected release at the end of 2016 or at the dawn of 2017 of iPhone 7 we can also expect a plus version to be released just like in the past.It always creates an excitement in the market when Apple announces new products. iPhone fans are eagerly waiting for the new release.

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