Recently the CIA released declassified documents that contain almost 13 million pages. The documents are having multiple unsolved mysteries from the year 1940s to the year 1990s. Therefore, what have people learned?

In the pages the information about Nazi war criminals, Cold War supervision, assassinating Fidel Castro, and much more untold stories have released. The documents came to the public under the Act of Freedom of Information due to the pressure that came from activists.

More interesting facts are recorded like the requirement of Uri Geller by the deputation, recipes for unseen ink, and alien life. These all and much are comprised by the secret search of CIA.

Maybe the spoonbender Uri Geller have the sceptics, but he created an impression on CIA through his psychic abilities. The CIA was impressed after their tastes to know his telepathic, as well as clairvoyant abilities.

The United State intelligence agency resolved that the man had convincing paranormal power. They came to the conclusion after a secret experiment on him that was done on 1973. In the experiment, he was interestingly replicating the drawings randomly sketched by an agent in an absolutely separate room.

Geller explained that for the CIA, he did many things. He included that the intelligence agency wanted him to stand in Mexico; outside the embassy of Russia to delete the floppy discs that flown out by the agents of Russia.

In the documents apart from Geller story, the CIA included the photographs of UFOS.