Donald Trump’s foreign policy is short and surprising which contains only two words- “America first”. Therefore, it is not so hard to understand that his contempt for the complex governmental colossus of the country should come without any surprise.

The main surprising thing is, how much intent he is on excising it.

The incoming president, 71-year-old Trump on Boxing Day said that according to him it is a casual gathering for people to talk in a get-together and have a beautiful time.

He also included that after 20th January, things will be completely different throughout the United States.

Mr. Trump’s statement has brought a spine-chilling effect on the banks of the East River, without a doubt. This is the area mile away from the about-to-be president’s Trump Tower residency. The United Nation’s sources already described the ambiance is completely uncertain, as well as stressful. After the 20th January’s event, it will be despairing, according to the sources of UN.

In the history, never a president came with such minute affection for the United Nation. But, it seems that Mr. Trump has the intent to make an instance of it.

While having Manhattan headquarters, the incoming president has told once in the past that he had a huge respect for the UN’s exertions. But, since then the time has changed a lot and the position of Trump has hardened.

Trump has said once in September in the year 2011 that he is hardly concerned with the ploy of United Nation against Israel throughout the week. He was added also saying that he will notice every event from Australia closely.