game of thrones 7 video
We are all yearning for our favorite TV show to return to HBO, and no matter how many repeats we watch, Game of Thrones 7 video telecast is still months away.

Winter is coming and it is taking its toll on us as avid fans. But there is some teasing and reveal from the makers as the production department is working day and night preparing the new season. Yes, Game of Thrones 7 video reveals that Tyrion Lannister welcomes his queen, as her official Hand of the Queen [Also, theorized to be the Valonqar].

Here is the piece you will listen to in the video, when is shows you the script of Game of Thrones Video S07E01.

Tyrion says: Welcome Home! My Queen. This clearly means that Dany’s Armada has reached King’s Landing. The time for revenge is right here, and Dany will not serve it cold, she will serve it red flaming hot. Fire and Blood are going to kick ass for real. Dragons, Dothraki and Dany, will conquer Westeros and show us some real fighting in 2017.

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The beautiful weapons, insignia of every house and symbols that define A Song of Ice and Fire are crafted by hand and you see drawing, painting, forging and Tyrion reading a dialogue in this video. The massive budget of Game of Thrones 7 video will never be frowned upon, because of the fan following it has.

There is nothing like it and will never be. The beautiful, gruesome and vengeful narrative is now coming to a close. Dany reaches Westeros, the land where she was born and she is going to sit on the Iron Throne, no matter what it takes.

What are you expecting to see in Game of Thrones 7 video telecast?
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