A man was finally captured on Tuesday who was suspected of killing a police officer of Orlando, said by the authorities.

Tuesday night the police department of the city tweeted that Markeith Loyd, 41-year-old was arrested by the Orlando city police who was allegedly charged for the fatal shooting that took place outside a Wal-Mart store.  He has been haunted by the police since 9th January for killing Lt. Debra Clayton.

Area’s television stations displayed the bloodied face of Loyd while he was taken to the police headquarters by a half-dozen officers along with deputies.

John Mina, the chief of Orlando Police tweeted that they were finally arrested the suspect who wore the handcuffs of Lt. Debra Clayton.

The police department had sought for the suspect, before shooting of Clayton for interrogating about the killing of his ex-girlfriend last month who was pregnant at the time.

The city police captured a previous supervisor from a fried chicken restaurant which was the working place of Loyd. An ex-girlfriend along with a niece was arrested on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. They both were charged with helping Loyd during the weeks after the fatally shot of Loyd’s ex-girlfriend.

In the Wal-Mart store, Clayton was got the news that Loyd was in the locality. Initially, she approached Loyd in the car parking zone and suddenly he filed at her multiple shots. Although she wore her body armor, yet she was shot multiple times, Orlando Police Chief reported.

It was found by the investigator that Clayton fired back to Loyd but the bulletproof vest saved him.