We cannot ignore that Snapchat is a part of our daily social routine. But with the launch of Snapchat memories, the company is revisiting the core of its own features. While all of us loved updating our snaps and videos with various facial gestures too, but memories is like a searchable camera roll, which enables us to see our snaps even after 24 hours.

So, this makes Snapchat revolutionary as it has evolved and become so popular that snaps are now no longer just an instant phenomenon, and chatting via images is more about the travel and new day memories of your life you make.

Snapchat memories – How to use them?

For all of you who do not know about this, you can lean how to use Snapchat memories easily. Here is what you need to do:

– Update your Snapchat app right now. Be it on iOS or Android, the new memories update is now up.

– The extra button below the camera click is your memories button. Access all yur Snapchat memories from that button.

– Now you can also create stories easily from your pictures.

– Create a memory and save it for now you can come back to it later as well.

Why we think this addition will rule the users heart is because they can hold their lovely and dear snaps and videos for a longer time.