With all the talk going around that the first semi final tonight is actually Ronaldo vs Bale is absolutely rubbish. This stage is more like a dream come true for both the teams. It has been ages, Portugal has performed like the team we loved.

ronaldo vs bale
For the Welsh-men, who are now strictly instructed by the UEFA that they should not make the the pitch a family affair. All Wales players celebrated with their kids on the pitch, especially tonight’s star attraction Gareth Bale. Coming to the encounter, Portugal vs Wales is going to be one of the best matches of Euro 2016.

Their will be winners and losers and only one team will shine. But CR7 is a magical Ballon d’Or wwinner and he along with Pepe, know Bale from Real Madrid. Stil who do you think is going to win the first semi final between Protugal and Wales?

UEFA Euro 2016 Semi Final not about Ronaldo vs Bale

Let us see it more like a dream run and whichever team outperforms tonight deserves it. But critics and fans are always making it a boxing fight, where one star player vs another is happening. We know key players make, change and win games. But football teams are about 10 other men too. Ronaldo vs Bale is just a media made term, it is not a bout between two boxers, it is an amazing fight for becoming European championships. It is being a striker, winger, defender, assistant scorer and keeping cool all through the 90 minutes that will matter the most.

For all we know it is a nail-biting semi final and we could not have asked for a better one. Leave all issues and problems aside, and support your favorite team tonight. Do not ignore the reality that being a player supporter maybe a bigger disappointment than a team supporter.

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