US President Barack Obama and President of Cuba Raul Castro in Havana, March 2016 signed a policy that allows any Cuban who reaches US land and wanted to stay there can become a legal, lawful and political representative of US country.

The head of government of US put an end or we can say has taken back the “wet foot, dry foot” and declare it today. Instead of, this  mutual policy between these two countries were working quite well, as the declaration of an end comes to an announcement, immediately Cuba agrees on the agreement to take back its people who had arrived in the US. Both the countries follows the negotiations.

It was announced that the steps which were taken for any other migrant’s of any country, is same for Cuban migrants. It’s nothing else.

The Cuban government has also agreed the return of Cuban nationals, those who have been ordered to go away from US, in the same way as it has accepted the return of travelling workers at sea. Cuban government has shown intelligence by praising on this policy, by saying that this agreement will make their relationship safer, stronger, and normal and planned in terms of migration with US.

Both the government was looking for this negotiation for many months and finally done it on Thursday, 12th of January 2017.

In 1995, Bill Clinton has created this “wet foot, dry foot” policy, which allows Cubans to become legal residents of United States within a year.

The move which Mr. Obama has taken to maintain good relations with Cuba, by allowing thousands of migration of Cubans without any visa in the US was actually criticized by Mr. Trump earlier, so dismissing this policy has actually proved his loyalty and promise for his statements.