No antibiotics could save the life of a woman from Nevada who got affected by the superbug. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the superbug became resistant to every antibiotic that available in the country.

Deeming the condition of the woman was incurable; doctors tested 26 different types of drugs on her before the death. The medicines are directly applied in her vain but no improvement was noticed and finally she passed away in last September.

As per the report of Mortality Weekly, as well as CDC’s Morbidity, at her 70s, the lady returned to the US recently after a long visit to India. Before returning to the country, the lady had been admitted to the hospital while in India several times. In the US she was hospitalized in Nevada’s intense care hospital in the middle of August.

After a week, local wellness authorities noticed that all the possible antibiotics and medications did not work on her. Later CDC determined that in the market recently no drug was available that could have prevented the spreading of the bacteria.

In a news website of health, Dr. Alexander Kallen who was one of the authors of the reports told that every drug was tested that available in the US on her vain to rescue her but all got unsuccessful. The wellness news website was the pioneer that reported the superbug’s discovery.

According to Kallen, it is highly concerning. Various antibiotics with newer formula were invented after a certain time interval but, the bug must get the resistance power against all in a faster manner.