High technology of radar has been taken out by The Pentagon, to keep an eye for all the possible and unusual activities of North Korea. Koreans have launched long-range-missiles in the coming few months according to defense officers of US.

Due to this reason US military has to take action and it was their first move to Pyongyang’s claim saying that it may push out into water by using an ballistic missiles which is launched between the continents.

The X-band radar which is a sea based was tracked and can be used as moving on wheels on the rough surface of the earth. This radar has its opening port in Hawaii. Earlier also in the past it was used to monitor North Korean missile activities several times. This radar is reported to be installed or sent towards north of the Hawaii which is halfway to Alaska, as it is easier to track or spot as the most good places are closer by.

It was reported that North Korean sent something which pushed into head of water bodies of Guam, Alaska or West coast of the United States. But, any further details of these discussions were difficult to find out as the related officers declined or refused to talk about. Defense officers were making points on launching of some cross world ballistic weapons or missiles and sending it towards water bodies by North Korea.

They further added that may be US missile defense system will not shot it down because if the missiles are threatening or causing harm then only further steps will be taken otherwise they will least bother about it.