The vehement, devastating, surging global extremism is a caveat for the western countries especially for the United States to bring in a colossal change in the surveillance system of the county. It is the crying need to introduce a gargantuan change regarding the ownership of guns and other weapons for self defence.

The last few tyrant attacks followed by the very recent ghastly kerfuffle of Orlando, Florida have shaken the countries’ watch dog bodies. The series of horrendous, catastrophic extremist attacks are harping on the same string and hence, the dispensation is implementing the rule of private possession of guns and ammunition for the purpose of self defence.

Immediate licensing of the guns and weapons and their private possession by the hoi-polloi may enhance security but can also lead to a bedlam condition owing to easy and free access to weapons and violence created out of that.

Passing this act of lucid buying and selling of guns and ammunition and a glib grip over its licensing may lead the Unite States ‘to sit in a heap of gun powder’. Hence, the regime floated a theory of banning this free licensing and ceasing this smooth availability of guns to the majority. But the crux of the problem is the speculation of the decline of the gun manufacturers owing to this crack-pot remedy by the governing body.

Both the facts are becoming contradictory to each other; the negative aspect being perpetration by the natives which may worsen the situation owing to this spurting global violence. The irony lays in the fact that racial bigotry and racial blemish still prevails owing to the topsy-turvy condition caused by hum-drum politics.