Despite being the global technological conglomerate and ruling over the whole world,’Racism is still eating into the fabrics of the American society’.’To trim the cells of belief in the winds of change’ has always been the policy during the electoral race. This elicits that the thirst for power adds fuel to the fire of exacerbating racial discrimination.

The American society has muffled the voice of democracy and freedom by the deliberate mortal racist attacks, brutal killings, vehement blood-sheds and maiming and the torture on the black community with the tacit support of the people of prestigious administrative positions or the creamy layer of the society and the influential fair complexioned white residents of America.

The anti-white attitude of the American natives and their hues of racism are laced with man’s inhumanity to man when white people are being spared but the blacks are being brutally punished for any kind of offence and are always being the point of target by the white oppressive community.

The very recent racist attacks on the black people has caused a flutter and relentlessly unravels that America democracy is just a garb or a cloak and that festering and poignant racism still prevails among the hoi-polloi and in this humdrum politics.

American society should at least tip-toe it’s way to do away with this social blemish, and when the society is at the vortex of irretrievable crisis, the rickety administration should dream of a society minus discrimination and partiality.