McDonald’s a fast-food joint, gaining monumental popularity among the hoi-polloi is spreading its branches and franchisees in multiple new locations in the world in a leap forging pace. Its sky rocketing fame has become viral among the common mass in every corner of the world.

Hence, the particular company/brand did choose Vatican as their next centre of setting up a new franchisee and enhance the process of surging its popularity. Vatican city being the nerve centre of religion, popes , monks ,nuns, cathedrals , churches, and various other religious centres is very pious, protocol  bound, strict, simple, disciplined.

The stuff prepared and sold by MC can be smelled a few metres away from the shining white marble dome of st. Peter’s Basilica creating an uneasy feeling among the local dwellers and the cardinals. The place inspite of being the home of 1.2 billion Catholics and the some protest in few places, two nuns were fund having their lunch inside this very popular fast food centre.

This indeed caused a discontent among the religious heads and the neighbours as well.  According to the reports, Pope Francis was report about this incident and this brewing crisis by a few business people. He being the cultural, administrative and religious head of the place is expected to take steps towards alleviating and exterminating these social complications; to restore the glory of the pious place and to maintain its dignity as well.

 The retainment of its artistic values, ethos  should be kept in mind .The  branch of this fast food joint must not be allowed to hurt the principles, morals and remark of the neighbourhood.