Debbie Reynolds, the Singin’ in the Rain star, acted opposite Gene Kelly in the musical movie of 1952, is passed away in a single day’s distance of daughter Carrie Fischer’s death.

The 84- years old, US actress was admitted instantly due to a conceived stroke.

Todd Fisher, the son of the veteran actress told that she could not deal with daughter Carrie’s death and affected by the news too much. Todd continued, Debbie told him in her final words that she wanted to be with her daughter.

Another veteran US actress, better Midler on her statement said that Debbie was extremely engrossed towards her craft. She also continued that it was extremely difficult to comprehend the actress’s death.

According to Debra Messing who played the daughter’s role of the actress in Will and Grace, a sitcom movie, Debbie was a true inspiration.

Debra wrote on her statement that Debbie was, of course, a legend. Debra also continues writing about the late actress that she was the epitome of America’s clean-cut optimism, dancing along with Gene Kelly in an equal, and a perfect woman warrior who never pulled up working.

Rip Torn, the actor who performed with the late actress in the stage show in Las Vegas, said that he was blessed for working with the outstanding woman for almost 45 to 50 years. A remarkable bond and an extraordinary relationship have been maintained by the actor with Debbie.

Remembering Debbie that actor continued that she was enough generous towards the mistakes. She never cared who laugh at her from the audience. Torn has said that he would always love Debbie.