Snow and ice created tremendous problems for the most of the country. People are facing a number of problems as crucial winter is on its peak. Many Americans have cancelled their trip and came back home.

Gusty winds on Monday made things a tad more tricky and tough as it created near-zero visibility all around the northern Great Plain. On Christmas, heavy snow fall was going on at a rate of up to one inch per hour. Officials rolled out no-travel warning which made people to call off their plans.

Not only this, power outages also made things a bit difficult to manage. As per sources, there were more than 12,000 customers who had to go through this painful situation in the beginning of the weak. Monday morning was not a bliss for Americans.

According to weather department, the storm will gradually weaken in coming days. It is also informed that freezing rain can also lead towards temperature bringing down. On Monday, visitors also faced many problems. Keeping the deteriorated weather condition in mind, many flights were canceled and more than 2,100 delayed. Those who were travelling by car got stuck in awkward situation. In many places, travelling by car was the biggest concern.

It is being expected that winter storm will rapidly wind down in coming days. The snow emergency created slippery road and poor visibility. As per source, a woman who was stuck in her car finally decided to leave car in order to seek help by foot.