It becomes one and a half months of Donald Trump’s American Presidential win and again the republican candidate won the electoral fellowship that formalized the victory.

Once the result came out, Mr. Trump announced his agenda to unite the entire nation by working hard and to be the president of every American.

A flood of phone calls and Emails despite show that people still does not support and welcome the billionaire as their President.

But, there was no protest showed up by the votes apart from Texas where two voting eventually went against the billionaire.

The democratic candidate was defeated by Mr. Trump in the electoral federation which was held on Monday all over the country’s state capitals.

Five electors of democrats were defeated by Colin Powell, ex-Secretary of State, with the number of three voting and another one against the popular tribal leader of native-America. The other vote the democrats lost against Bernie Sanders, the senator from Vermont.

The official announcement of the Electoral College will be done on 6th of January along with special association with Congress.

Mr. Trump showed his thankful gesture and said that he is really overwhelmed that Americans want him as their next President.

He also added that this historical step would take the entire nation steps ahead in the upcoming future with a great victory.

Former US president and current democratic elector Bill Clinton was voted for his wife and the American presidential candidature Mrs. Hilary Clinton and he showed off his anger against Donald Trump apparently after the Electoral College result announcement.