LeEco like other Chinese manufacturers is focusing on lucrative developing economies like India. The plan is to launch really affordable smartphones, with top-notch specs.

The prince point has always been key to the highest number of cellphones sold in India. Be it the market leader of basic phones in the past Nokia, or the thriving budget smartphone companies Samsung and Motorola.

Indian teens mostly students want more for less. Hence, a camera like iPhone at under $200 is like a pretty solid enchantment. Also, the word of mouth marketing spreads faster in India than any other country. People often take suggests from friends and family and LeEco’s new range of devices are really hitting the right spot. With features equivalent to an over $600 phone, selling phones from $150 to $350 works like a charm.

Students enjoy good camera quality, battery and speed. All these youth-centric wants have been taken care of by the company, always with freebies like back cover, exchange offers can close the deal easily.

For those wondering about the handset launched by LeEco the list is as follows:

leeco in india

– LeEco Le 1S and L2 2
– LeEco Le Max2

The pros of these first and second generation of the Chinese mobile maker are – their Snapdragon chipset, high end camera and HD screen. And the best part is that all of them have discounted offer on all major debit and credit cards too.

You can always be saving more when you shop online. According to LeEco mobile review and sales in the last month, it is extremely popular, much lived and here to stay.

If you are interested in buying get ready for it’s flash sale on 5th July. If you have already bought it, tell us about your handset and how much you like it in comments.

Do you know LeEco also makes electric cars, which will compete with Tesla Motors? Check out here.