Xiaomi's smartwatch for kids launched

Desperately waiting for Xiaomi’s smartwatch for kids? Well, your wait is over, as Xiaomi’s new smartwatch for kids is here. The Chinese smartphone maker has ventured into new territories with its Smartwatch called MITUwatch. Launched in China, and guess what, it cost only $46. For real!

But Xiaomi’s MITUwatch for kids isn’t a new game-changing gadget that comes with all the features normally found in children’s wearable. Xiaomi’s MITUwatch also dubbed as Mi Bunny (cute, isn’t it) offers connectivity options including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It is also having GPS/GLONASS tracking for routes and running.

It’s also featuring an SOS button, which when pressed transmits the GPS location of the smartwatch. It also transmits an audio recording of a few seconds, when you press save our soul button. It is suitable in emergency situations, where women and children feel unsafe. Similar to the panic button Indian government wants in smartphones from 2017. The wearer can take advantage of this feature if need be.

Xiaomi’s smartwatch for kids – Features
MITUwatch comes with an awesome security feature too. It sends alerts when the wearer treads outside of a defined zone.

It also has the ability to handle voice calls, as it comes with a prepaid SIM card. Now you have a smartwatch that is super portable and costs less than a regular watch. And it performs the functions of a cellphone too. Xiaomi’s innovation at its best with MITUwatch.

It is fully compatible and runs Android version 4.2 or above. The watch has the inbuilt pedometer, which provides smartwatch the ability to count steps and helps fitness enthusiasts.
The body of MITUwatch is made of plastic and has silicone straps. The company also mentioned on their product page that, the smartwatch is totally safe from radiations and consume very less power.

Colors: Blue and Pink

Mi Bunny packs in a 300 mAh battery (standby time of six days) and weighs around 37 grams. The best thing about it is the pricing: it costs around $46 or 299 Yuan, which is very cheap in comparison of other smartwatches available for kids at the moment. You can gift your 5-year-old and kids get a new toy like their parents to enjoy and play with.

Final Verdict: Xiaomi Mi Bunny smartwatch isn’t special, it is simple. A rad move by Xiaomi and it will help sales in developing economies for sure.