The American Express Company expressed on 12th December that it will be increasing the leaves of parents of the US employees mainly for the benefit of family from January 2016. There are still many huge financial companies of the United States that are going to do the same from next year for the good of the US families.

The latest family benefits of American express involves many things including paid parental leave of about 20 weeks, surrogacy or adoption reimbursement of about $35,000, fertility treatment expenses of about $35,000, and much more.

The reason for the new and beneficial changes for the United States employees is because US is behind many countries with respect to the betterment of the employees. As per the SHRM or Society for Human Resource Management, about a year ago, just 21% of the companies in the United States granted paid maternity leaves to the employees and just 17% of the companies have paternity programs for the employees.

In the first of the year 2016, SHRM also expressed that the huge financial companies of the United States like JP Morgan Chase & Company, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo & Company all have extended the paid leave for parental programs.

Offering family benefits in the corporate sector also played a major role in the election campaign of Donald Trump as he offered a guarantee of six weeks leave for maternity programs. In addition to this, he even promised reduction in the childcare costs of the US employees from the income tax.