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At the end of this year, WhatsApp, a popular instant messaging service will withdraw its support for mobiles and devices from Blackberry and Nokia. The seven year old company is now a part of Facebook Inc, and is connecting the world’s billion users everyday. The official WhatsApp blog press release on support for mobile devices has declared that it will no longer send updates and support devices from Blackberry and Nokia. The companies now being recommended by WhatsApp are Google, Apple and Microsoft – as they account for 99.5% of mobiles being sold in 2015-2016.

WhatsApp in 2015 did a lot of amazing things starting WHatsApp for web, adding WhatsApp calling feature and lots of improvements to its design and emoticons as well. But if you are an avid Blackberry and Nokia user, this is a sad news for you. We know there are people who love the good old QWERTY phones from the Canadian company, Research in Motion and are not very keen on trying anything else. But WhatsApp engineers and security people have requested you to upgrade to newer phones from Apple, Google or Microsoft to keep in touch with your friends and family.

In order to be safe and enjoy more chats and calls on WhatsApp, do yourself a favor and change your Nokia or Blackberry mobile device. This will be redundant as the 39 engineers team of WhatsApp will no longer pay heed to upgrades and support. It is also a hard decision as no one wants to lose customers but the Symbians and Blackberry OS phones are no longer going to enjoy WHatsApp service. If you love these brands or have been hooked to them for long, it might be a difficult choice to make but since being social and connecting yourself with the world matters a lot in 2016. You have to decide for yourself.

We would love to hear your comments on WhatsApp’s decision on no longer supporting Blackberry and Nokia.