tinder's new update
Dating and technology have become friends since Tinder is helping you hook up with people that match your interests nearby. The simple swipe left and swipe right gives you the freedom to make or break an encounter by your fingertip. And now with dating and hookups, you are not all alone. Tinder’s new update goes social and you can now go on group dates too. What are friends for? Group Dating – not really.

One-on-one dates are no longer going to be the only hook up you will have via Tinder. The new Tinder Social feature tells you about your friends who are using Tinder app. You can use the group chat and meetup feature on Tinder. It allows you to try new things. Dating is all about novelty and if one thinks about really socialising, having your friends meet, your date won’t be that annoying after all. Or just going out on an adventure with a group of friends and a date who swiped right you can be one hellova evening.

It is more like a group thing now. So now you get to meet not just one guy or gal but a group of men and women who are actually interested in things you like too. It can be a friendly affair or you might find your hook up partner through the all new Tinder Social. Facebook plays a vital role in knowing about how a person is social, who their friends are. Also the contrast in pretending to be someone on Facebook and actually living like that has been noticed more than once. So, meeting your date with the people he hangouts with can be an eye opener. Jonathan Badeen, we totally feel this move.

On the other side, people who want dating to be private and personal, their opinion will be totally different on Tinder Social. A creepy or tricky update they may say because many consider love and dating to be their personal life. Affairs going social is not the right move. Many young men and women take their sweet time to decide. Revealing your friends on Tinder, especially that married and lactating cousin, or your parent’s friend can be a turn off instantly. But you can turn off the Tinder Social feature by going in your settings. Phew!

Let us know if you are using Tinder Social or not.