Are you a Need for Speed fanboy? Who isn’t. A game that has more edition that Fast and Furious films surely has needed its own dedicated forum. Official NFS Forums have been launched today and it is welcoming all speedsters to come and join in. NFS Forums are going to be full of legendary racers, gamers and even rookies who just came in. All kinds of discussions between speedsters, veterans, unveiling secrets, easter eggs and what not.

NFS Forums: What to expect?
Once you register and get to the NFS Noticeboard you find yourself in gamers haven online. March inside and take yourself for the kind of ride you want. Be it a stroll down the memory lane with The Heritage board called The Collection or The Showroom where you can show off and see others showing off their collectibles, and hidden/bonus stuff they have achieved or unlocked in NFS. NFS forums are for fans who want to connect with other gamers and want insider info regarding previous titles or upcoming editions.

If you are a curious little dove the news and announcements section is for you. If you are one of those NFS legends, you can cruise at The Club or show off your amazing ride at The Showroom. There is a feedback and off the topic chat board as well at the NFS forums but the pretty engaging and hot ones we feel are General NFS discussion along with suggestions and feedback. Because NFS fans always want more. Like that Nitrous, NFS has upgraded to its own forum where more global fan engagement will happen. As a brand, it is a great move and can give NFS a higher reach building a direct connection with more and more gamers.

Electronic Arts is full of surprises this year. With NFS titles selling targets increased, EA is all set to capture the racing game marketing in gaming titles once again.

Let us know how you find the NFS forums. Dying to hear from you guys!