Ubisoft’s Electronics Entertainment Expo is not a public event. But the French video game developer and publisher is nothing short of awesome. It brings you first-hand access to all the games, freebies and news. Ubisoft is hosting a special event in L.A., which is open to the public. Excited? Read on.
Ubisoft lounge e3

Registrations are open for Ubisoft’s exclusive lounge for all gaming enthusiasts who want to know everything Ubisoft is launching at E3.

Ultimate gaming updates in a unique first of its kind lounge will be set in LA from June 14-15. Just pre-register and and enjoy all off-line access and get the chance to win amazing prizes.

Ubisoft recently released videos showing what goes behind making a colossal bestseller game, but now you can meet the team members in person and ask your questions and give them your suggestions too.

Not just chat with them, compete with them try out new games that are yet to be released, attend master classes and listen to other updates on what Ubisoft is working on right now.

Ubisoft Lounge is being hosted near Los Angeles Convention Center and you can get in on the action. Also, Ubisoft promises VIP passes and access to E3 for 50 star players. Is n’t this amazing news?

How to register for Ubisoft Lounge?
Open and register here. Get a chance to attend Ubisoft’s Lounge E3 and much more.