Domino’s pizza has come up with a perfect plan for Japan to combat the winter and to never fail a delivery. The pizza restaurant chain is going to engage reindeer to make delivering of orders easy, reported the local media.

A reindeer is able to withstand severe cold temperature and is trained by professional animal trainers to deliver pizzas. In this way no party runs out of the flatbread delicious dish.

However, it is reported that authorities face several logistical hurdles in the plan and it needs to be overcome as the priority to utilize the efficient transporter of Santa Claus.

Firstly, experts dispute that the most important concern about safety is that the reindeer are wild animals and if it feels threatened, it can turn to people. Secondly, figuring out how long a reindeer can travel in fulfilling the order delivery without being harmed or is equally essential. Moreover, Domino’s is concerned about the reindeers behavior when it meets family pets such as dogs and cats, reported The Straits Times.

The company is planning in the Ishikari City a trial run as this city in Hokkaido area is ice prone. Currently, the trials are going on in a school campus and it is being supervised closely by expert trainers. Dominos is also planning to mount delivery bags of pizza on the back of the animal.

The company is not sure about the number of reindeer they need to engage and off duty where they must be housed.