President-elect Donald Trump asked Tim Cook recently in a phone call to get Apple building its products in the US.

Apple did not respond for confirmation or comment to these multiple requests that the call took place. It is not easy to convince Apple to move its manufacturing side. The manufacturing jobs are over a decade and a half disappeared and the potential of getting Apple to build its products in the US is difficult. Steve Jobs, in 2011 reported President Obama, ‘those jobs will not come back’ and today it is the common refrain.

Apple goes abroad for China’s cheap labor and also relies for many of its components supply chain on the efficiencies granted from the same place. Thus recreating the same in the US would not be cheap or easy.

Trump has been critical many times about the Apple’s use of Chinese manufacturing while on the campaign trail.

Of course, Trump cannot mandate this happens and no phone calls with Tim Cook are bringing that change until US laws make the domestic manufacturing really appealing.

Trump is planning a large tax cut for the corporations and to place large taxes on imported goods from china.

Apple made some attempts at US manufacturing, with varying degrees of success. It initiated assembling the Mac Pro, and its parts, in 2013 in the US; but Apple has not updated in the past three years the computer, thereby decreasing its appeal even further.