As per the report published by Fior Markets,the global calorimeter and photometer market is expected to grow from USD xx Million in 2017 to USD xx Million by 2025 at a CAGR of xx% during the forecast period from 2018-2025.North Americais dominating the marketdue to the high number of water and wastewater treatment plants across these countries.With the technological improvement in the field of oil & gas and petrochemical industries, the market is growing substantially leading in terms of share.

Calorimeter and Photometer Market by Photometer Type (Microscope,Multiwave, Microplate, Others), Calorimeter Type, Application, Region Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018 to 2025.


Leading companies in the industry include Calorimetry Sciences Corp., Swan Analytical Instruments AG, MicroCal LLC, ABB Ltd, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Netzsch Instruments Inc., PARR Instrument Company, Gooch & House, Setaram Instrumentation, Shimadzu Corp., Mettler-Toledo International Inc., TA Instruments Inc., Hanna Instruments and Konica Minolta whichare offering greater opportunities and are continuously focused on new product developments and venture capital investments to obtain market share.

The photometer type segment is classified microscope photometer, multiwave photometer, microplate photometer, flame photometer, portable photometer and others. The flame photometer segment is dominating the market in 2017. The demand for flame photometers is too high due to its desirable characteristics including fast and sensitive analysis, interference-free results, accurate analysis of dilute aqueous solutions and its suitability for many metallic elements. Calorimeter type segment is divided into segments such as accerated rate calorimeter, bomb calorimeter, coffee cup calorimetr, differential scanning calorimeter, microcalorimeter, reaction calorimeter and others. The bomb calorimeter segment is dominating the market with the highest share in 2017. The bomb calorimeter provides for high speed, accuracy, and convenience. This device also excludes previously unconsidered environmental variables and readily provides the user with the energy content of the test substance, which has made it the most popular choice in the calorimeter industry. Application segment includes aerospace, automotive, biomedical, process industry, research and others. The process industry segment is dominating the calorimeter and photometer market in 2017. It contains water & wastewater processing, where the requirement for photometric analysis is progressively growing. The calorimeter industry is primarily driven by the coal, chemical and oil and gas sectors.


Increasing need for advanced, innovative and high-performance products is one of the driving force. Also, growing demand for waste water treatment equipment and high demand for calorimeter to determine the heat value of petroleum products are also fuelling the growth of market.Cost of photometer and calorimeter is too high which may hinder the growth of market. However,demand for photometer in water and wastewater treatment industries and growth of oil and gas industry is expected to be the future of the calorimeter market should drive the industry growth in coming years.

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