Dr. Strange is the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Steven Strange, a physician who has an accident which causes him to lose control over his hands. After trying all sorts of Western medicine and not getting the desired results, he heads east. There he is taught magic and mysticism and somehow, he ends up becoming involved in a cross dimensional war.dr. strange

This is the last superhero movie of this year and had been hyped for quite a long period of time. So did it deliver on these expectations? For the larger part of it, it did. Here is an in depth review of it.



The actors did a terrific job in this movie. Benedict Cumberbatch brought in all his mannerisms from Sherlock to this and this made the character of Dr. Strange even more compelling. Rachel McAdams as Christine Palmer, the love interest of Dr. Strange was quite good as well. Those two had a great chemistry and provided with some great comic relief time and time again. Tilda Swinton and Chiwetel Ejiofor are amazing as the supporting cast. To be honest, the acting took the film to a completely “other dimension.”


The writers of Marvel have done it once again. They have doing it time and time again with movies like Ant-man and Guardians of the Galaxy and they have done it again here. They have taken another one of these Marvel B list characters and propelled it to stardom. The story is taut, suspenseful and without any plot holes. The writers in this are as important as the cast and have done an equally stellar job


The visual effects of this movie are amazing. I couldn’t tell what is real and what is not. These are top notch special effects. The entire dimension bending aspect of the movie is nailed because of these amazing effects only. This is one of the few times I would actually recommend watching the movie in 3D as it definitely adds  something more to the movie.


The action sequences are gorgeously shot and crafted. One of the main reasons that they look so good is because of the amazing CGI. However, kudos to the people who came up with them and executed them with such perfection.


The final act of the movie was quite different from the usual superhero movie endings. The way it panned out was both different as well as quite good. It was refreshing to see something different for a change. The scale and proportion of it felt realistic, plausible and amazing. There were no clichés and it was quite well done.



The action sequences that involved CGI were stunning. However, the same could not be said for the hand to hand combat sequences. They lacked the intensity and the rawness that we saw in Ant-Man, Civil War etc. They felt below par when you compare them to the amount of effort put in the CGI and other visual effects. A leaf or two out of Paul Greengrass’s book would have helped a lot to make it an all-round success.


Either Loki set the bar too high or the Marvel people have lost their touch. Kaecilius is the latest instalment in a series of forgettable villains. Mad Mikklesen did a terrific job however the character lacked the depth that Loki had. There was just that bit of aloofness that didn’t let you really connect with him. Marvel would do well to get back the people who gave us Loki or hire some of the people from the Netflix shows. To make matters worse, they have a character that simply won’t exist in real life.


The humour in the movie mostly works. However, at times it became too much. The humour seems forced and it seems as if the director kept it in just because the previous MCU movies had it as well. Some chopping and removal would have helped the movie as the forced humour takes away from the immersion at times.


The movie suffers from pacing issues in its opening act. The first act feels quite rushed and doesn’t flow as well as the rest of the movie. The training montage sequence was a bit rushed and reminded me of the training sequence in Batman Begins. Had the pacing been better and certain aspects not glossed over, it would have been entertaining right from the start. Instead, I had to wait for Dr. Strange to get his powers for the real entertainment to start.


This is my biggest gripe with this movie, it has too many exposition scenes. I am a person who likes things to be open to interpretation. This movie felt that it had to explain everything to us. I hate spoon feeding and this is what the movie did for the most part of it. Yes, the setting was strange and twisted but a fair number of things could have been implied and left open to interpretation. The other aspects of the movie get bogged down because of this.


The movie is good. There is no denying that. However, it is not great. It is not the best of the MCU. The movie gets 7.5/10 from me. If you like the MCU movies, you are going to like this as well. Benedict Cumberbatch as Steven Strange was awesome and I can’t wait to see more of him in the future MCU movies.

So, what are your thoughts on Dr. Strange? Let us know in the comments section below.