According to the Fior Markets newly released report, the global polyester filament market would see a jump from USD xx Million in 2017 to USD xx Million by 2025 at a CAGR of xx% during the forecast period from 2018-2025. At the global level, the Asia Pacific region is a major consuming region. In the Asia Pacific region, where the fast-growing textile Industries (weaving, garment manufacturing, dyeing, and finishing) have been consuming increasing amounts of polyester fibres. By far, China holds a major proportion of overall polyester consumption in Asia region, followed by India and Southeast Asia.

Global Polyester Filament Market by Type (Partially Oriented Yarn (POY), Polyester Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY), Polyester Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY), Other), Application, Region, Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018 to 2025.


Major companies in the industry include Tongkun Group, Reliance, Zhejiang Hengyi Group, Shenghong, Xin Feng Ming Group among others. The prominent players are making developments in the production and focusing on venture capital investments to capture market share as well as put their footprints in the industry. For instance, Indorama of Thailand and Sinterama of Italy jointly acquired German polyester producer Trevira to face significant competitors.

The type segment is divided into Partially Oriented Yarn (POY), Polyester Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY), Polyester Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY) and other. The fully drawn polyester filament sales are likely to outsell other types of polyester filaments. Factors that are driving the significant growth of fully drawn yarn in polyester filament market include increased preference for fully drawn yarn used in the production of textiles and fabrics for high-end sportswear, undergarments, and home textiles. The demand for both drawn texture yarn and fully drawn yarn are also fueling the growth in the textile industry. Further, with the development of post-treatment technology and lower cost of fully drawn yarn, drawn texture yarn is likely to outsell over the next few years. The application segment covers recycle polyester, performance and functional wear fabrics, home textiles and others. As a fashion, and retail industries working on development and production of new products, the demand for recycled polyester filament is growing in apparel. Developed countries around the globe are increasingly using recycled polyester in various industries. Brands are adding recycled polyester filament yarns made from plastic bottles in the production of apparel products.


Growing demand for polyester filament in the manufacturing of automotive textile is a major contributor to the market growth. Expansion of technical textile industry and favourable government policies and positive movement in international prices of the raw materials is offering opportunities to achieve new milestones. In addition, it is versatile and relatively applicable in large areas which are fuelling the growth of the market. Whereas, higher prices of polyester staple fiber lead to increase demand for cotton which could slow down the growth of the market. However, the demand for polyester filament in home furnishing and apparel industry will continue to see high growth in the coming years which will boost the market in the coming years.

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