Battlefield 1 is here people. The game that had been hyped for such a long time, is here and does it deliver the goods? it absolutely kills it for me. If I could, I would give it the game of the year already.battlefield_1So, before I begin to review this game, let me say this to you, I have been a huge fan of this series ever since Battlefield 2: Bad Company 2 came out. With the arrival of Battlefield 3, I switched over to this series and ditched Call of Duty for good. At that time, I got a lot of stick and was ridiculed for this move. Fast forward to 2016 and see who is having the last laugh. So, with this being said, here is my review for the highly anticipated EA and DICE masterpiece, Battlefield 1.



The game is simply amazing. Oh my God, I can’t stop gushing about how good it is. The destructible environments, vast open maps, nearly accurate mechanics of the things that existed at that time are all amazing. Every aspect of its gameplay defines how a military shooter game ought to be. The motions of those old guns, their recoil and the difficulty in reloading them is all perfectly captured. Even the fact that the old artillery units took their sweet time to hit their targets is perfectly captured too. Once you have fired, you have to wait a couple of seconds before you hear the explosions of the shell hitting their mark. This, for me, is perfection.


There is nothing like Frostbite out there. What DICE has created is a god engine amongst the mortals that are being utilised by Call of Duty etc. The first couple of times I got killed, it was because I wasn’t paying attention to the game and was instead admiring the gorgeous graphics of the game. The one complaint that nearly everyone had with the series was that there was just too much glare in the games. However, this  time around, there are no such issues as the glare has been toned down and in the moments in which it is present, the glare is justified. Simply put, the game feels more like a Michael Bay action flick instead of a video game.


The one complaint that everyone had with all the previous Battlefield games except for Bad Company 2 was the lack of a proper story line. More often than not, the plot was paper thin to say the least. However, this time around we have a game with a plot that would put nearly every other game out there to shame. We play as a number of characters spread out in the big, wide world. Each character has their own reason for going out there and fighting in the great war. The entire story as well as the way in which all these diverse characters are interlinked is simply amazing.


The game has a great emotional pull to it. You get to see what all was happening in the First World War from a first person perspective. We, as the millennials, never got to experience the horror and the suffering of all those involved in that insane conflict. Battlefield 1 captures all of this perfectly and you can sympathize with everyone who ever took part in the great war. All the characters as well as the story has a depth to it that makes you feel for everyone involved.


The multiplayer is a class apart from every other multiplayer out there. The maps are gorgeous as well as extensive. The fact that that those irritating supply drops are absent once again is a further boost. The multiplayer ranking system is based solely on the gamer’s skills. The online modes are terrific as well. My personal favourite was the pigeon mode in which you have to capture the opposition’s pigeon. It is similar to the flag mode of the previous game. Another mode is the territory based system in which one team advances across 5 different zones while the other team defends. This easily lasts upto an hour and makes for some very compelling gameplay as all the maps in the these zones are completely different from one another.


The sounds of this game are absolutely terrific. Each different gun has its different noise when it is fired. Not only that, but all of it is pretty much accurate too. All the sounds and noises are sharp and pretty distinguishable from one another. Heck, even the horses have different types as well as timing of their neighs. It doesn’t get much better than this.


The attention to detail that was given in this game is astounding. After a prolonged period of combat, you can actually see the gunpowder marks as well the burnished metal on your guns. DICE and EA have utilised every aspect of the Frostbite engine that is being used here. The dirt blowing up and sticking at the faces of the characters, the burnished metal, torn down houses and different faces are a delight to look and observe. EA has done some stellar work here.


The game is historically accurate for the major portion of it. The fact that it chooses to put forward questions like what would have happened if the Germans would have won there or the English army would have lost there makes it even more compelling. All the major battles that took place are accurately captured, even the  trenches and the conditions of the soldiers posted there is perfectly portrayed as well. Good work EA.


Nothing. Nothing about this game isn’t great. All the negative aspects of the previous games have been removed and it has been polished to perfection. This game is simply flawless. Simply  putting it, after its release, it is officially #RIPCOD


It is a flawless game with such an amazing execution that it would be criminal if I didn’t give it a 10/10. It  is a perfect game and is quite possibly the best First Person Military Shooter game of this decade. For those of you who have pre-ordered it, you are in for a treat. While those who have pre-ordered Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare instead of this, I feel sorry for you.

So what are your thoughts on Battlefield 1? Do let us know in the comments section below