Windows 10 has been one of the most advanced and user friendly OS till date. The installment of the age old series of Microsoft’s Windows OS, 10 has been welcomed with open arms by majority of Windows users.Windows 10 update

Since its launch, Windows 10 has been widely marketed, reviewed and hence, adapted by users. Microsoft too has kept the craze up with the inclusion of Edge web browsers and several other user friendly goodies. Recently, an anniversary update of the OS was released too.

Despite all the large scale marketing and software goodies, Windows 10 has quite a number of flaws. Right from several critical security flaws to compatibility issues, this smart OS has faced almost all technical errors that a modern OS might face.

While Microsoft is not interested in disclosing the security flaws, there is one which has been addressed by the company in its latest update.

When a user visited any malicious website via its Windows 10’s default web browser Edge, he could let the attacker (hacker) execute a code remotely. This could easily breach the privacy and fetch sensitive data and user information to the hacker.

Microsoft has addressed this flaw in its latest security update, KB 3194798. Released on October 11th, this update takes care of vulnerabilities related to Edge, Internet Explorer, user authentication, diagnostics, Windows registry, Microsoft video control, and Microsoft graphics component.Windows 10 update

This update is available to users worldwide. Since Windows 10 has various types of computers running it, there can be installation errors when it comes to updating due to hardware optimization problems. For instance, the update may take considerable time to install and have space issues when a Stick PC, which has a smaller memory, begins the updating process.

So far, only a few users have posted the problems regarding the update process. These too would be solved in short time, courtesy the super active Microsoft support and user community.

Windows 10 certainly has a long way to go and would again be highlighted by Microsoft on the October 26th media event. Till then, lets see how this security update takes care of the user privacy.

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