After reports had surfaced that Rockstar Games was taking a break till April 2017, another new, damaging report has surfaced. As per these reports, GTA VI has been delayed at least till 2020. This is an unwanted development for the gaming community as a whole.GTA VIGTA V was a humongous success, so people were looking forward to GTA VI to carry on the good work. However, with this new development, expectations as well as aspirations have taken a hit. With all this being said, let us take a look at what is causing this delay-


GTA V had been made on a budget of $250 million. It raked in a staggering amount of over $1 billion. So it was all but expected that the next GTA project was going to be even more ambitious. As per reports, a budget of $500 million was expected to be set aside for this project. However, Rockstar is hitting major roadblocks in order to allocate this budget to the development team.


The main reason for the demand for that gigantic budget is the inclusion of VR support for the game. Not only is this causing difficulties in terms of budget allocation, but it is also causing differences within the creative team. For some, VR is the way forward while, for others it is a step away from the roots as well as the charm.


For those who know about it, this delay was all but expected. The legal battle that ensued after the super hit performance of GTA V was a downer for most of the people involved with Rockstar and especially the heads and the development team. So, it is a wise move on Rockstar’s part to postpone the game’s release while they sort out the legal stuff and prevent future such instances from happening.

With all this said, let us hope that all this is just smoke and mirrors and we don’t have to settle for long wait they we had to for Max Payne 3. So, these are our list of possible reasons for the GTA VI delay. What do you think might be the main reasons? Let us know in the comments section below.