If superhero movies just meant Marvel and DC to you, get ready to experience the teenage hero era of The Power Rangers movie. The celebrated superhero TV show that has been popular among child audiences all over, gears up for a 2017 motion picture release. The first trailer of the movie is already out and is proudly garnering critical acclaim and fans too are happy about it.Power Ranger Movie

As a TV series, Power Rangers have been an average performing series and never gained viewers beyond the adolescent age. However, with movie promo, the producers can expect people from almost spheres of age to watch it.

As far as the plot of the movie is concerned, it is quite similar to most superhero movies. A group of five teenagers residing in the small Angel Grove town strangely gain super powers. Upon acquisition of this power, they are soon challenged by the alien forces which threaten to destroy the entire human race on the planet. The teenagers set themselves on a mission to improve their personal lives, and team up to form the Power Rangers.Power Rangers Movie

The trailer looks quite realistic, and even though it draws some similarity from the movie Chronicle, it is still a feast to the eyes.

Cast of the 2017 Power Rangers Movie

In the movie, roles of Power Rangers are being played by the following actors:

  1. Red Ranger- The leader (Jason Lee Scott):Dacre Montgomery
  2. Pink Ranger (Kimberly Hart) -Naomi Scott
  3. Blue Ranger (Billy Cranston) -RJ Cyler
  4. Yellow Ranger (Trini Kwan) -Becky G
  5. Black Ranger (Zack Taylor) -Ludi Lin

Bryan Cranston plays the role of Zordon, mentor of the Rangers, while industry veteran Elizabeth Banks would play the role of the antagonist: Rita Repulsa.

The Power Rangers movie is set to be one of the big budget releases of the 2017 summer and will obviously have a huge marketing campaign lying ahead of its release. From mobile and console games (maybe) to TV features and other promotions, there is a lot more coming from Lionsgate for this superhero fiction.

For now, let’s enjoy the trailer and bask in the imagination of how the movie would be.