Answer: Elon Musk has the first mover advantage, which historically has been proven to be the most rewarding when it comes to building brands and getting customers. Thus, Tesla’s Elon Musk is doing the best we want him to do for the world.

Not just with Tesla, innovation is the core of everything Elon Musk does. Elon Musk started with PayPal, sold it to Ebay, and is trying to make space travel cheaper and easier with SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies).

With resilience to build his dreams that make the world a better place, Elon Musk is shaking things in automobile sector too. Even General Motors was inspired by Tesla to launch its first EV, Chevy Bolt.

Now with Chinese Tesla, LeEco trying to spread rumours for selling its LeSEE for free is all nonsense.

Tesla's Elon Musk Business Person

While Tesla has struggled to bring electric vehicle revolution with expensive Roadster to now affordable Model 3, we cannot deny that Tesla’s Elon Musk does not care about the competition. He does things his way and disrupts the world. Like his Tesla Gigafactory that manufactures the highest number of Lithium Ions Batteries in the world.

LeEco is another concept all-electric car but we used to such gimmick hybrids and all-electric cars n Auto Expos? It is time for some real deal, who can innovate, manufacture, launch and deliver exactly what they tell you in those HD videos and speeches.

Right now my money is on Tesla’s Elon Musk, who is making world a better place, one car, one rocket and one launch as well as one landing at a time.