With the “explosive” launch of the Note 7 by Samsung, it is fair to say that this year was owned by Apple. The iPhone 7 was by no means revolutionary like its predecessor. However, thanks to the explosive blunder by Samsung, this year’s battle was won by Apple as the Note 7 was duly recalled and the S7 and the S7 Edge are now outdated pieces of technology. With that being said, the S8 is now Samsung’s most eagerly awaited device. As per industry insiders, they have learnt from their mistakes and that S8 will be the best flagship to come out of Samsung’s stable yet.Galaxy S8

With all this being said, here is what all we should expect from this upcoming device that is expected to hit the market in the second quarter of 2017.


The design that is being rumoured is the same curved one that we saw in S7. It is expected to be easy on the eye as well as easy to hold. The size is expected to increase by about 10-20% from the previous models.  


The device is expected to have 64 GB or 128 GB of memory. It is also expected to support external SD cards that could further expand its memory to almost double its size. If that was not enough, it is rumoured to have dual SD slots meaning you can take the storage to up to 384GB. That is some this serious memory allocation.

The processor is expected to be the Snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core processor clocking at 3.2 Ghz . This gives the device some serious power as well as speed. It can easily give the A10 processor present in the iPhone 7 a run for its money. To further improve upon the power as well as speed aspect of the game, it is going to sport 6GB RAM making the meanest phone in the market.

Since the device sports some serious specifications under the hood, it is going to be powered by the equally powerful 4200 mAh battery giving it a battery life of around 12-14 hours.


The device is going to feature Gorilla Glass 5. It allows it to deal with some rough and tough usage. To This however should not be used as an excuse to manhandle the device. The device will sport Bluetooth 5 allowing for seamless as well as fast wireless transfer of files between devices connected with Bluetooth as well as a stable connection with devices that allow for Bluetooth compatibility. The wireless, rapid charging is back once again and this is news we do want to hear. The one thing we wanted to be wireless is going to be there. The fingerprint scanner is also going to be there along with a retina eye scanner for added security.

It will support 4G LTE and in places in which 5G LTE has been launched, it is going to support both. Since 5G LTE is still some distance away from being the norm of the day, allows the device to have a long shelf as well as daily usage lifespan.

On cool add on is the addition of a projector. You can turn any place into a mini movie theatre on the go. How well Samsung expands its usage as well utility remains to be seen.


The device is going to have 5.2 in display. It will be in 4K and have 4096×2160 resolution. The display is going to be brilliant and give out crystal clear images.


The device is expected to be powered by Android 7 Nougat as of now. If a newer version is launched during the mean time however, it is expected to sport that as it won’t be flagship otherwise. Nougat has proven to be a stable OS as of now and so with these specs under the hood, it is expected to continue functioning smoothly.


The front camera is expected to be a 9MP camera while the rear one will be a monstrous 30 MP one. The images are going to be sharp for sure. They will also have a slew of additional features like Optical image stabilization, geo tagging, facial recognition, HDR, auto laser focus. The iPhone may not be the meanest device out there pretty soon.


The device is expected to be priced at 850$ or 775€ which seems like a bit of an overkill to us. Right now it is all speculation, however, we do hope that the pricing is a little bit cheaper.


The device looks great from what all we have seen and know about it. How it actually plays out remains to be seen. Coming off the heels of the Note 7 blunder, it does have a lot of salvaging as well as convincing to do. How it plays out, remains to be seen