Prior to its launch on October 4th, Google Pixel seems to have fallen into the trap of leaks. If popular news sources are to be believed, the Pixel’s specifications have accidentally been leaked over the internet by a retailer.Google Pixel Apple iphone 7

After the multi manufacturer Nexus, which received critical acclaim, Google has realized that it in order to keep up with Apple iPhone, it needs to follow a strategy similar to it. Hence, Pixel has already been regarded as an apt reply to Apple as well as Samsung’s premium range of phones.

Based on the speculations, there are hardly any major differences between the much hyped flagships. Let’s have a quick comparison/similarity round off between the two phones.

Google Pixel

Spec Check!: Google Pixel vs iPhone 7. 

Like the iPhone, Pixel is also expected to arrive into two different models, which are demarcated on the basis of screen size. The iPhone sports a 4.7 inches from the regular and 5.5 inch screen for the Plus model. On the other hand, Pixel is expected to come with a 4.99 inches and a 5.5 inch screen for the Pixel XL model.

As far as the accessibility features are compared, the Pixel too is rumored to feature a single Home button below the screen, along with the volume and power button on the side and upper edge, respectively.

The fingerprint scanner is placed differently on both the phones. While Apple features the scanner as a multi-functional feature of its Home button, Pixel would have it on the rear, which is of course quite common in a lot of Android handsets.

iPhone 7 houses Apple’s in house developed A 10 Fusion chip. The Pixel is said to be based on the Snapdragon 821, which is currently featured on the Asus Zenfone 3.

Coming to the cameras, Google Pixel is believed to feature a 12 MP rear shooter and an 8 MP front shooter. The iPhone also features a 12MP rear shooter (with dual lens though) and an 8MP front shooter which can even capture 4K videos. Of course, we are yet to confirm the image and video capabilities of the Pixel. But they can be more or less within the range of iPhone 7.

Based on the USB C Port Connectivity, Google Pixel would have a 4GB RAM with various options for memory. Like the iPhone, there might not be any slot for memory expansion too.

The rumor based quick spec check above would have its real test of authentication when Google unveils the surprises on October 4th.

What more to Expect?

There is still a lot more to be revealed about the Google Pixel such as pricing, availability, colors, sound, adaptability to virtual reality, accessories, presence of a headphone jack and so on. An appropriate answer would be here to stop thinking and wait for the October 4th event.

It is, however, quite clear that the company seems to be leaving no stone unturned with the event. Apart from the surprises, we are already set in for news for the Nexus’ future and how the Allo and Duo find a useful place in the Pixel.