2016 was the year when most of the people had  thought that piracy was about to end. At least the videogame had thought so. With the addition of the Denuvo software to most of the games, piracy was at an all time low. Some experts had gone as far as saying that piracy would be abolished in the next couple of years.denuvo

When Denuvo had been launched, all the pirates had been at their wits end. The infamous game crackers, 3DM had been  forced to take a one year hiatus along with Skidrow. 2016 didn’t see a single game protected by Denuvo cracked. The only games that were, were the unprotected ones. Many people were mocking Konami for being a cheapskate and not adding Denuvo protection to its games.

Fast forward to 2017 and the tables have turned. All it took was one game, Rise of the Tomb Raider, to be cracked. Since then, there has been a flurry of cracked games out there. FIFA 17, which was released just a few days ago is already available on torrents with a working crack.

It looks a smart move by Konami on retrospection. It lost out on a fair share of revenue due to its lack of Denuvo. However, the overall gains far outweigh the losses it incurred. A potential deal would have set it back by quit a large chunk of money every year. Now that we know that Denuvo is not the failsafe it promised to be, Konami’s brave decision deserves applause.

Now that Denuvohas been cracked, companies all over the world are revising their predicted sales. The astronomical sales figures that had been predicted for this year are now being cut down due to this latest development.

It won’t come as a major surprise if game makers decide to cut short their deals with Denuvo due to this breach in contract. That is why it is said, you don’t count your chickens before they hatch. These makers had been way too much overconfident about Denuvo and had pushed up the prices of their new releases as a result. They seemed to have forgotten that where there is a will, there is a way and this does serve them right.

The break that 3DM and Skidrow had taken has seemed to have worked  wonders for them. The Denuvo team on the other hand know has to work over time in order to get back in the game.

What are your thoughts on Denuvo being cracked? Do let us know in the comments section below.


  1. Content developers should not expect all copy protection to be uncrackable forever. If they have studied history, all copy protection gets cracked eventually. A computer Science professor once told me that encryption doesn’t stop copying. Computers were first made to break encryption, going all the way back to Bletchley Park, where Alan Turing and Joan Clarke, among others first designed such machines to break Enigma (one of the first DRM schemes if you really think about it).

    • Funny enough even the Denuvo development teams constantly proclaims that it is not a permanent solution. Constantly focusing on selling the aspect of delaying cracks during the important first few weeks after release and avoiding the promise of a “hack-proof” solution.

      But that isn’t going to stop developers/publishers from believing it is and blaming Denuvo if it does get cracked.

  2. I honestly don’t think denuvo is truly cracked …sure they have beaten a couple new denuvo protected games recently … but OLD games like just cause 3,fare cry primal, and games like need for speed would have and should have been cracked by now if denuvo was truly cracked… and OLD meanin it was WHILE AGO when I had to buy those games because of denuvo protection

    • Well tough it is supposedly cracked there is no indication at how long the process itself takes. it is probably not as simple as “Press button to create hack” like it has become with steam. between the first 3 cracks there were 2 weeks needed each.

      A look at the ones that are cracked seem to suggest severe weakening tough, All are vastly different games from different developers and publishers. The ones that have been cracked are also kind of notable. 2 very high-profile releases (Tomb raider,Doom) and a few new ones. I would be inclined to believe that these are more of showing off that they can hack it. showing that neither the biggest or the newest are safe.

      It is quite possible that we will see all the other games getting ticked of one by one as time goes as they improve the crack, but it is also quite possible the scene groups decide not to hack everything or release them.

    • the problem is each denuvo has their own unique encryption, that one usually takes around 2 weeks to be crack each time.. it is cracked but it took longer than ever before.. and since only 1 team are able to do it. we will need to wait then..

  3. About time i think. Don’t get me wrong, i mean there are some games that are worth buying and i do buy them (from high prices can afford 1 game per 3 months or so), but mostly all good ones are protected and prices are way to high. Makers need to make money from they’r games but they also can’t expect everyone to be able to buy those games while on some markets games are around 1-50 dollars/euros on original game sites they are around 1 – few hundred dollars/euros (or in Star Citizen case 18,000 dollars). Don’t get to greedy. Crack them all i say.

  4. This article is all over the place. Denuvo supposedly being hacked on fifa17 while there is very little trustworthy info on that (so many viruses that pretend to be “real hacks”), “fast forward to 2017” while it’s still 2016, calling it denuvohas for some reason. Somehow suggestiong that the break 3DM and Skidrow are taking is of any effect while the cracking efforts are done by CPY: NOT 3DM nor Skidrow.

    I applaud the scene groups efforts in showing nothing is hackproof, but i wish all those sites eager to report on it for attention are a bit more carefull in what they write.

    • By 2017, it is the fiscal year we are talking about. Apply some common sense. Secondly, all the working cracks are being uploaded by 3DM and Skidrow. CPY is just hosting their files. Denunvo has been cracked in games like FIFA 16, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Doom 3 and the FIFA 17 crack is actually working. Go check it out if you must