As the title suggests, the first ever true live streaming app “Meerkat” is now officially shut down by its creator Life On Air, according to its co-founder Ben Rubin. The Meerkat app was a quick success for the developer as it was designed only for live streaming and gain attention from many users on iPhone as well as Android devices.meerkat-app-dead

For Meerkat, things began to go bad when a rival app Periscope was launched with location integration, which was immediately bought by Twitter for a respectable $100 million. When Twitter integrated the Periscopelive streams inside the Twitter platform, many experts expected the demise of Meerkat, until or unless some big tech company would have acquired it.

Unfortunately, for Meerkat, no company has come forward to buy the app, and maybe, they weren’t willing to accept the defeat and to sell it soon. As a final nail in the coffin, Facebook’s launched its Live Streaming inside its largest social network site.

As far as we know, Facebook’s Live Stream integration on every users timeline, is a serious threat to Twitter’s Periscope as well as YouTube’s Live Streaming platform.

Co-founder Ben Rubin told TechCrunch in a statement:

We may have just pulled Meerkat from the app store, but it was actually six months after we launched that we made the decision to change direction. The category of broadcast (one-to-many) wasn’t breaking as a daily habit… it’s too far away from the everyday user.

There was an app called Houseparty, which quietly made some decent userbase of around 1 million. No one knew the actual developer behind the app until the developer of Meerkat, Life On Air, has announced it recently. It looks like, the company has decided to end the failure of the Meerkat app and very much focus on its new venture Houseparty.

Focused on group video chat, Houseparty was in Beta phase and was listed in Google Play Store since past 10 months. That means, the team behind Meerkat is now serious in their new venture. We wish them best of luck.