EA’s Battlefield 1 is almost upon us. The military First Person Shooter game is scheduled for release on 21st October. Set during World War 1, the game is expected to be epic.battlefieldThe Beta testing of the game yielded spectacular results. the amount of positive reviews it has gathered is staggering. So, with all this said, here’s what all you should expect from Battlefield 1 –


Battlefield as a series has always been known for its realistic and gritty gameplay. If the Beta results are anything to go by, the tradition looks set to be carried forward. With the addition of extensive hand to hand combat and melee weapons, the gameplay is going to have an added dimension to it. This aspect was adored by fans of the game and those who had played the Beta version all over the world.


Well, if your game is being powered by Frostbite 3, then your game is going to have stunning visuals. Seeing the in game footage at the E3 and playing the Beta version, it never felt like I was in a game. It felt more like looking outside a window than a videogame. Also, Battlefield 1 is going to have improved graphics from that of the Beta version. So what we are getting is more than just mind blowing.


One thing that fans had always complained about in the Battlefield games is the absence of a story line. Apart From Bad Company 2, all the other Battlefield games had paper thin or non existent plots. All of it looks set to be changed with Battlefield 1. From the teases, everyone is sure that at last fans would be getting a good story line as well as a game that wouldn’t feel like a demo like Battlefield 3 and 4 felt.


It is all but assured folks. From the teases and trailers to the Beta version, Battlefield 1 was pure awesome. The actual game is going to be the same. It was so good that even hard core Call of Duty fans had to give it grudging respect. From the looks of it, it is going to be “the” First Person Shooter game of this decade.

So what do you expect from Battlefield 1? Let us know in the comments section below.