In the form of Rise of Iron, Destiny has recieved its major expansion. We still know that how popular the game is even by looking at the queue times to get into the game on launch day.

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At a point on PS4, the queues were above 400,000. And if we see today’s stats that are floating around, Destiny still will have millions of active users each week. There are so many variations in game so you have lot to do with indulging into the game. With so many rumours about the Destiny PC 2 i am giving you some of the thoughts that we want from Destiny PC 2.

Destiny PC 2 must have an FOV slider

In the recent Destiny game the main issue is of the low field. This is the concerned and irritating issue especially for the oneswho are more into playing games on PC and by using FOV. As such, Bungie will be adding FOV bar not only to Desting 2 PC games but also to the console version of the game.

Optimization for mouse and keyboard

The mouse support is the one problem  with the console games. The main example is of the Bioshock. Earlier it had the mouse problem in 2007 when it was ported to PC and now when it is re-released as aremaster, it is still showing the same mouse problem.

Unlocked frame rate

US PC gamers love the frame rates. So, Bungie will also be using frameworks in its work as this is in expectation.

Dedicated PvP makers

If the dedicated servers are connected to the Destiny 2 PC games, then it will be amazing. As people are going to play the game every single minute.

More RPG than action

With the more focus on RPG approach the Destiny 2 PC game will be excellent.

It is nothing from Bungie but according to reports this is the only rumour.