Nintendo recently announced that the Nintendo NX is expected to be released in March 2017. The device has been shrouded in mystery for a really long time. Not much is known about it and what little is known has come from unconfirmed sources.

nintendo nx

As per these reports, the Nintendo NX will be a fusion of a handheld device and a console. This comes as a major step forward as none of the latest consoles allow for mobility.


There are a certain number of changes in Nintendo  NX from its predecessors. For starters, it is rumoured to have a gamepad similar to that of the controllers of PS4.

One thing that is for sure is that it will have 3rd party support at long last. This comes as a major boost as it will allow Nintendo to expand its horizons. It is also going to have backward compatibility. Hence, the Wii U and 3DS games can now be played with better graphics and smoother gameplay on the Nintendo NX.

The Nintendo NX will however not run on Android devices. This may affect its sales around the globe as majority of people around the world use Android based devices.

Another drawback is that it won’t be anywhere close to being as powerful as the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. This is a major let down as by the time it comes out, Sony and Microsoft would be having gearing to launch the PS5 and Xbox 2 respectively. A boost in power would’ve been much appreciated.


All the old Pokémon games will be available on the Nintendo NX. Also, the supposedly leaked Zelda: Breath is also going to be there. Dragon Quest XI is rumoured to be the launch title for it. What however, most of the people are waiting to see is how ell it will handle Super Mario with its Unreal engine.


The Nintendo NX is the most intriguing device ever made by Nintendo. It sure has its fair share of drawbacks however, all in all, it is a major step forward. It is expected to revive the company’s failing fortunes ever since the early demise of the Wii U. However, will it do so remains to seen.

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