EA Sports recently launched FIFA 17 on 22nd September 2016 giving a boost in the annual battle between FIFA 17 and PES 2017, which has already been released on 13th September 2016. Let’s check the differences between these two most awaited games of the year.fifa17-pes17

It has been reported that PES 2017 has sold 3% less copies than it had sold for PES 2016 previously in the same period of time. While, FIFA 17 on the other hand, is once again confident to outshine PES 2017 in the sales stake, but Konami the developer of PES 2017 remains self-assured that the franchise will be enjoying a long-term success.


EA has switched its graphics engine for FIFA 17 from Ignite to Frostbite, akin to the technology which powers Battlefield and Mirror’s Edge. There are not much improvisation in most parts of the game, but this change was essential for the flawless stadium lightings that brings an excellent glow across the pitch at night with quality lens flare, and the replays seem to be more realistic. Performances of some of the leading players have also been captured, adding more expressions to the game, also tripling the number of animations.

Previously, PES switched to the FOX engine in 2016 which brought a great deal of improvement in the game especially the players looked incredibly realistic. Konami made it even more stunning in 2017, with far better lighting effects and animations. But, PES 2017 lacks in detailed lighting visual present in FIFA 17 and also it doesn’t really captures the atmosphere of the stadium.


EA has always been the king of licenses because it is the official FIFA game, but Konami has given a tough fight this time by securing licenses with Liverpool FC, Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal and Atletico Madrid and the entire Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. Moreover, FC Barcelona features the game’s cover official stars with Messi along with his teammates and other Barca stuffs all over the game. PES 2017 has also updated its players to adopt team tactics such as Gegenpress (Liverpool) and Tiki-Taka (Barcelona).

Although EA has lost a couple of licenses, one of them being the Brazilian league, it will still dominate Konami in terms of licenses.


In PES 2016 the online version of the game had certain problems such as crippling lags while playing, in simple words, a significant part of the game was lost. Meanwhile, the experience is a bit improved in PES 2017 but it is not good enough to provide a smooth and seamless gaming experience while playing with people around the world.

On the other hand, FIFA 2017 online version is not yet exposed to the public. So, we should not be judgmental momentarily.


FIFA 17 features an exciting new story mode- The Journey in which the player has to follow the career of a young boy named Alex Hunter, who looks forward to make his way from the local football academy to England’s International Team. It does not matter if The Journey is good or bad, as this aspect of the game has made it far more entertaining than the former boring career mode. FIFA 17 also features a well framed storyline, decent voice modulation of players and a great deal of challenges to face.

However, Konami has managed to make minor improvisation in MyClub and the Master League has a more realistic transfer window, including new transfer deadline dates. PES 2017 still withholds the Europa and Champions League licenses, which is probably a treat for the players to become the part of their favorite European Tournament. Eventually, it is quite disappointing for us to know that Konami hasn’t brought any major changes in the modes of PES this year unlike FIFA 17.


Both EA and Konami has brought big changes in their gameplay. FIFA has put more emphasis on four advanced stuffs: set pieces (allowing you to manipulate every single movement of the player), AI, physical interplay and more aggressive and tactical attacking techniques. However, PES 2017 offers simplicity in terms of handling the controls along with delivering a prompt and exhilarating game of football.

Will PES 2017 be the winner this time with its on-field gaming brilliance or FIFA 17 will make it again with its widespread renovations?

So, guys let us know about your viewpoint in the comment section below. Now, when both Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 and FIFA 17 reviews are out, it’s time for us to decide which is better.