This is the most eagerly awaited phone of 2016 since the last one. Much has been said and reviewed in the past posts but after the launch is it the same review? iPhone 6 has faced less consumer atraction and has struggled to live upto because of its low sales. The consumer enthusiasm was also very low. But now the question is after the huge dissapointment from iPhone 6, Have users switched or upgraded to the new iPhone set? Will they take the chance or if they have taken the chance Are they satisfied?iPhone 7

Let us have a look. Because it is not always what is heard is true. Being non dramatic now lets see the iPhone channel review:

It is now waterproof:

On the outside it is much like iPhone 6 and 6S you will not be able to differentiate it much after just a glance. It is available in black and shiny jet black, as well as rose gold, gold and silver. But no space grey was seen.

The new iPhone is waterproof to IP67 standards. It means it can deep down to 1mtrs in fresh water and  can float till 30 mintutes. But comapring it to Samsung ‘s Galaxy S7 it is rated to IP68 standards. It can deep down to 1.5 metres and can float till 30 minutes.

Snappy performance:

The latest processor upgraded is of A10 Fusion which like most processors have used in the Android Smart Phones. it has four processing core splittted in two pairs. One is high performance score and other is pair of efficient cores.

The new phone is totally snappy. Photo processing is also much faster. it can chew through games and is pretty good to deal with lots of everything onwhich you throw it into.

Battery Anxiety:

It is poor. according to the reviews if you play games, simuyltaneously listening to songs and doing the transfer work as well, or if you are on call then also the total time that will be draining the battery will be approx to approx 14hrs. Its battery is only the poor fault from the last iPhone which had a good battery back up.

Touch ID, Home Button:

the scanner of fingerprint is as the same as in older version but the home button has been changed. It is now a pressure sensitive pad. You have to push it now rather than tapping it to activate it as a home button.


the camera is greatly improved. It has faster and much brighter lens, optical image stablisation. the new thing is even for the shaking hands it take a good sharp image. Low light performance is much improved.

Headphone Jack:

The killing headphone jack will be remembered. switching off the 3.5mm headphone socket is not a good thing that is done according to users.

Though some facts are really good about it being waterproof and much more and some are really bad. SO, its now your time to give a try because i think cons are mnore than the prons.

Apart from these features there are lot many which are to be discussed later on so, theese were the key main ones to be discussed. have patience and a wait for the more reviews.