Renowned image messaging application, Snapchat has leapt beyond the fences of a conventional mobile application. The 5 year old social multimedia company has quietly drifted to a new name and launched a smart recording hardware: Spectacles. This all happened in a small press conference held at an unknown building near the Venice beach in California.Snapchat Spectacles

The company has changed its name to Snap Inc., and has ventured into the world of hardware with a product named “Spectacles”. In simple words, Spectacles are sunglasses with a first person camera that lets you record videos up to 10 seconds duration. These videos can be synced to your phone via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and then can be shared.

Available in one size that fits all, Spectacles would be available in black, teal and coral shades. Priced at $130, this piece of multimedia hardware has been launched to free the user from the using a phone for every recording.

As per Snapchat’s CEO, Evan Spiegal, who intends to take a slow approach in rolling out these glasses, it is a toy. This toy frees your hands and to let the recorder get engaged in the recording itself. The camera in this gadget has a 115 degree angle lens, which, as per Spiegal, gives a better view that a smartphone and seems more natural and entertaining.

‘Internet-connected photography is really a reinvention of the camera.’

—Evan Spiegel

Are Spectacles a Good Idea?

To be frank, Snap Inc.has not created anything revolutionary. It is indeed commendable that the company has decided to come beyond being an app, but it had several better options available.

The very idea of first person camera has been explored by a lot of small Chinese technological companies and to some extent by Google too. Ebay has a plethora of sellers several similar gadgets with more features. Contrary to the initial enthusiasm, these gadgets did not gain much popularity.

Moreover, there has been no official word on how well Spectacles work as just Spectacles. Do they provide UV protection? How much time would the camera take to charge itself? May be Snapchat is wanting to keep the details for the time when gadget is up for order.

A lot of tech enthusiasts regard Facebook and Snapchat as social media rivals. Facebook has already ventured into the hardware market, with Oculus having made some serious impressions over users and developers all over.

Obviously, Snap Inc. hasn’t done anything as big as Oculus, but it definitely has embarked on a new, tougher journey. All it lacks for now is, innovation. What is your take?