So for all the Apple fans out there, there is some good news for you. As per industry insiders, the MacBook Pro 2016 model is expected to be released sometime in October. Tim Cook has further added fuel to the fire here by not denying any of these rumors.macbook proAs per trusted sources, the new model of the MacBook Pro is expected to be released sometime around 20th October. This doesn’t come as a surprise as nearly all the previous MacBooks have been launched during this period only. It has been an agonizing wait for Apple fans as the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch 2 were launched earlier this month.

The new MacBook Pro will feature a host of new hardware such as the new USB C, OLED touch bar and a touch ID. It will be thinner and lighter compared to all its predecessors. In fact, the new MacBook Pro will be thinner and lighter than all the previous MacBook Air models as well. This has sparked the rumor mill within the industry. Everyone wants to know how thin will the Air model be if Pro is going to be this this.

One major absentee in the new MacBook Pro is the audio jack. This was bound to happen considering the fact that Apple has already removed it from the iPhone 7 so it doesn’t come as a major surprise.

One major disappointment though is the absence of the Kaby Lake processors. The MacBook Pro is still going to feature the older Skylake processors. Though it is not a major setback, it still is a dampener considering the fact the all the other Apple products are going to feature the latest generation of processors.

All in all, the device looks great from what all is known about it as of now. The release date poised sometime in October. So more will be clear about its capabilities once people actually get their hands on it. Till then, hope for the best.