So FIFA 17 is just 3 days away from being released to the general public. The game is expected to smash all the previous records set by the franchise. The addition of DICE’s Frostbite engine has added more to the expectations.fifa 17We managed to get our hands on a copy of the game and here is our review of it-

What’s good-


Boy does this engine rock. The graphics are a delight. Let me just say it for you, this engine is God’s gift to mankind. The way the game looks is a delight. Thanks to frostbite, you can now see the different areas of the pitch being illuminated differently. It doesn’t get more real than this. The grass is textured just the way it should, you can say the rain falling as it should. Even the supporters are extremely realistic. It doesn’t get any more real.

The Journey – Story mode

This is one hell of an addition. You can actually feel what a player feels before and after a match. You train with your idols and you can experience the journey a youngster in the world of football goes through. It is extremely fun to turn up to train with the likes of Eden Hazard, Wayne Rooney etc. The Journey also features Mass Effect style of dialogue trees and each choice you make will affect your player. Be too harsh in your post match conference and your manager will drop you for the next game. All in all, it is amazing and super enthralling. The fact that you even have a rival is icing on the cake. As soon you get the game, go straight into Alex Hunter’s shoes.

Ultimate team

The ultimate team remains unsurpassed. It is as addictive as ever and with a few tweaks it has become even better. This is EA’s USP and it is going to remain so for at least a few years more until PES catches up to it.

Attention for details

The attention to details is astounding. Each player from each league is represented accurately. There is no discrimination between top tier players and players from the lower leagues. Even the youth academy players have got their custom faces. The fact that when the wind is blowing and the player’s hair blow in the direction of the wind shows how much attention to detail has been given.

EPL lovers paradise

FIFA 17 is any EPL fan’s paradise. All the 20 teams have their own stadiums, along with their custom chants. The fact that all the 20 managers are also there is the icing on the cake. FIFA 17 showcases Premier League in its full glory.

What isn’t good

No major overhaul

The gameplay is basically the same as FIFA 16. There are no major changes in the gameplay. With PES dishing out some revolutionary changes in its gameplay mechanics, it was expected that FIFA will have them too. However, it is still the same old story as ever. The gameplay does feel jaded even though it is covered up most of the time, thanks to the flashiness of the game.

May not appeal to non EPL fans

The game is not going to appeal that much to non EPL fans. If you like clubs from other leagues, you will notice that there are hardly any changes to the game apart from the graphics. It is a spoilsport as Real Madrid and Barcelona are the biggest clubs in the world and following fast on their heels is Bayern Munich. Had similar attention been given to all the other leagues, this would have been the biggest game this year.

Skewed penalty taking system

To take a penalty in FIFA 17 is basically a punishment. The one aspect of the gameplay that EA should have retained from FIFA 16 is the one aspect that they decided to remove. Now you have to control the run up as well as the composure of the player at the same time. This is easier said than done. To place the ball in the top corner will take nothing short of a miracle now. It would be highly recommended that EA brought back the older system of penalty taking.

Lack of variety

Yup, FIFA has more teams than PES in its roster. However, most of the teams lack their identity. While teams like Leicester play on the counter in real life, in FIFA they somehow play a possession game. It becomes quite repetitive after a point of time and starts to become irritating. It would have been highly appreciated if FIFA 17 had the same level detailing in these things as it had in various minor aspects of the game.


FIFA 17 is a great game. In some aspects, it is better than PES 17 while in others it is not. The gameplay will feel a bit jaded however, the look of the game is completely fresh and will give you goosebumps thanks to its beauty. All in all, it is a great game with a few minor issues and one not so minor one. FIFA 17 gets 9.3/10 from me.

So what are your thoughts on FIFA 17? Do let us know in the comments section below