On 21 September 2016, Google (Alphabet, Inc., NASDAQ: GOOG) launched its brand new AI infused app, Allo. Allo is a messaging app that employs a Google Assistant to ease the process of conversation for

It is very useful for fetching stuff quickly while you are in a conversation with someone, for example, a disco when you’re planning to party or a restaurant when you are planning dinner. Further, this Google app treats you with Smart Reply, which implies prompt message responses with reference to the content and context of what is being discussed at that moment.



In order to use Hangouts you need to connect it to your Google account, while Allo just needs your phone number to start functioning. Hangout draws the contacts from your Google Mail account, whereas Allo finds the contacts through already existing device’s phone book/address list without any manual effort. This feature of Allo makes it flamboyantly much more efficient than Hangouts.


One of the most vital features that Google Allo lacks is that it doesn’t integrate with SMS. Google Allo enables you to send messages to those users who have not yet installed the app, but the messages won’t show that they are coming from which phone number. Moreover, you can’t set this as your default messaging app on Android. This is one of the major flaw of Google Allo. On the other hand, Hangouts seamlessly integrates with SMS having separate conversations while chatting through SMS and Hangouts.


Unlike Hangouts, Allo doesn’t have a web/computer interface at all, but Google plans to make this app compatible with computers in upcoming months. Initially, Allo cannot be used in two mobiles at the same time. If the user activates Allo on another device, its consequences will be losing the name, profile picture, chats and other information from the device in which Allo was being used previously.

Another problem with this app faced by the early users is that Allo doesn’t synchronize the setting and conversation. So uninstalling the application might get you in trouble as you’ll lose all your past conversations.


There is quite a lot of difference in the features of both the app. Hangout outshines Allo with its Video Conferencing facility, that you won’t find in Allo.  Allo, on the other hand, comprises features such as Google Assistant and Smart Replies which apparently are getting mixed reviews from the users. Allo also has a better collection of stickers for messaging than Hangouts. Probably the app will be re-modified and improved in upcoming days.

So, guys which one of them will you prefer. Let us know about your views in the comment section below. Meanwhile, the instant messaging app with Google’s AI chatbot is engulfed in controversy as Google has backed off from users’ privacy by storing all default messages on its servers, except those encrypted messages that being sent through the incognito mode.

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  1. We installed Allo, realized how poorly it worked with non-Allo users, and went back to Hangouts. Allo is misbranded; it’s not a messaging app, it’s the new version of Eliza. You can chat with the AI when you’re bored, but for chatting with other people, it’s pretty much useless.

  2. I had a quick go with Allo, and will not be using it. There is nothing I can do with it that I can’t with Hangouts, just as efficiently. Incidentally, Duo is also not for me. After trying it on and off for a few weeks, the promised improved audio/video quality is just not there. Again, I’ll stick with Hangouts.

  3. There’s simply no comparison. Allo is so immature it either needs MASSIVE development or it will die a quick death. Hangouts does everything and pulls from local contacts just fine when used as an SMS client and Google Now gives me far better results (you’d think Google would use the same engine for Assistant that comes with Allo but they don’t) and Google Now gives me information about upcoming events in my Exchange-based calendar, Allo only looks at the crappy Gmail Calendar. You also cannot turn off the sounds in Allo so everything you do is chime here, whistle there, beep, beep, beep. Beyond annoying. In the end, Allo is a toy and looks to have been written by 12 year olds in their mom’s basement. If Google wants it to succeed it will need to:

    1) Integrate with SMS/MMS
    2) Allow use without a phone # (I often use Hangouts from tablets that don’t have cell service).
    3) Integrate with Exchange.
    4) Shut up, absolutely NO sounds while typing or when the Assistant gives you a reply.
    5) Provide an excellent desktop interface like Hangouts or Verizon Messages+.
    6) Integrate Duo (stupid to have two different apps when Hangouts can do it all).
    7) Allow me to use my account on ANY device I want without losing settings (yes, I carry two phones, and have an iPad and Android tablet – I expect to message from ANY device I want, not the only device Google thinks I want).
    8) And I’m sure a plethora of more things I’ve not thought of yet.

    My Allo status: Uninstalled