Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) has come very far with the help of “iPhone” as its mainstream product and it still continues to bring up updated versions of iPhones every year. This September, the company has launched iPhone 7 as well as the large screen iPhone 7 Plus. In this post, let’s see the current problems and the possible problems that users can face and try to find out potential fixes for

With every iPhone launch (same situation for other smartphone brands as well), the device comes with some sort of issues which could not be faced by all users, but some owners could feel it irritated. Some of those issues are severe, such as iPhone 6 Plus’ #Bendgate issue, Galaxy S7’s recent series of explosions. We tried to gather some information related to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus issues and fixes.

iPhone 7 Home Button Issues:

The biggest update in the latest iPhone is the introduction of a non-mechanical home button, where won’t be any physical movements when it’s clicked or pressed. Apple has removed the traditional home button by adding a separate Taptic Feedback Engine, which can identify the differences between the hard press, soft press, short and long presses.

This addition to the smartphone could cause problems when using it in winter, as the home button requires the touch of your skin to operate. In winter, if you use a glove on your hand and try to press the button, it won’t function at all. However, this isn’t a big issue at all, but still it would irritate you people as the winter is coming. And, iOS 10’s recent addition of one more step to access the entry screen – pressing home button – would make you feel more irritated. Either you have to use touch screen optimized gloves or remove it and use the phone. Some users reported that their gloves optimized for touch screens are not working on iPhone 7.

No Sapphire Glass on Camera Lens and Home Button:

According to the popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, despite Apple’s claims of having Sapphire glass not only on the display screen, but also on the home button and the camera lens, in reality those glasses are not made from Sapphire. He proved this by scratching using picks that were not damaged the Sapphire glass in his previous videos. But this time, it does, on the camera lens and home button. The video concludes: “we know for sure that it is regular glass and not sapphire.”

Meanwhile, Apple advertises iPhone 7 as stronger than previous iPhones and says that it uses the Sapphire (stronger and expensive than toughened glass) on its camera lens and home button. We will have to wait for the company’s response to this claim by JerryRigEverything and many other reviewers.

Listening to Music and Charge iPhone Simultaneously:

Since Apple has removed the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack from iPhones, it will not be as easy as before to listen to music and charge the device simultaneously, except if you have the wireless earbud. And, if you don’t have one, then you will have to rely on alternate third-party accessory like a lightning port splitter to charge and listen to music at a time.

Jet Black iPhone 7 has Scratch Issues:

Although the Matt Black variant of iPhone 7 looks attractive, the Jet Black iPhone 7 seems more popular than other colors. It’s been reported that the Jet Black iPhones are sold out until November. However, there lies one issue, the Jet Black colored iPhone 7 reportedly gets scratch marks on its back easily. Even, Apple has mentioned (in a small-print on its website) to use cases on its Jet Black iPhones.

Poor Battery Performance:

Actually, this is a problem of every smartphone when bought. Battery drains quickly, not because of the battery problem, it’s just the amount of usage of the device in the initial days of purchase. We use the phone extensively to find out new features, setting up everything, including downloading and installing a load of new applications and setting up those apps as well. You will find an increase in your battery performance as you finish setting up everything. There are no complaints regarding the actual battery issues, technically.

Stay tuned, as we will update you on the latest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and its issues, if found. Have you found any problems on your new device (of course, if you have got one)? Then, please let us know in the comments field below.