Facebook's latest algorithm change
Facebook’s latest algorithm change is one of the key reasons you are going to see a lot of relevant articles and videos in your news feed, but what does that really mean for users and publishers. Facebook Newsfeed keeps on evolving from the wall to timeline.

Now, FB Timeline has an algorithm that sorts posts based on your interest. We are not always sure if we are shown all the updates from our friends, family, the pages we like – we often miss out on most of these posts because of Facebook’s algorithm.

But the social company just updated and tweaked its algorithm to give us a better and advanced timeline.

It will be based on what we like in real life and a right mix of different topics and articles from the kind of person we are. We choose our interests and read about them. Similarly, and we will get similar articles and posts in our timeline, that we spend time reading.

Suppose you read pregnancy articles or gaming articles more, you will see similar posts be it images, videos or any blog posts people share on their profile or Facebook page. But how does it work, what’s the logic behind it?

Facebook has used Artificial Intelligence in making an algorithm so intelligent and powerful that it will engage users in their timeline better than before.

Rather than just scrolling or bouncing off it, you can find posts that appeal to you. No more scrolling down for something that catches your attention, now with the new and relevant algorithm you are the king as your timeline takes care of your interest and ranks article according to the time you spend reading them.

For example, football fans will get updates and articles from football on their timeline and it will help publishers in a big way.

Facebook posts are prone to actions a user takes and it is what they determine user behaviour from. Actions can be liking, commenting, sharing, reacting, clicking and reading the full post matter a lot.

2 important changes in Facebook’s latest algorithm change:
Time Spent Viewing and Diversity