After getting delayed back in July, the Pokemon Go Plus finally has a new release date. As of now it is 24th September so you should be able to get your hands on one next week. However, there is a catch. It will be available on pre-order only as of now. For those of you who haven’t pre-ordered, you may have to wait a while longer.

pokemon-goPokemon Go Plus is a small wearable device. It is much like a smart watch or clipped onto a bag or clothing. The main purpose it serves is to alert the player of nearby PokeStops. However, the player will still have to take out their phone in order to access the actual items in the  inventory. Simply put, it simplifies the task of catching Pokemon. It can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. The Pokemon Go Plus also alerts the players whenever a Pokemon appears in-game. Once this happens, you’re able to push its button to throw a Pokeball, and if you’re successful, the device will vibrate.

Limitations of Pokemon Go Plus

The Pokemon Go Plus can only identify the Pokemon you have already captured. It is useless as of now when it comes to catching unknown Pokemon. The device however is super useful if you’re looking to stock up on candies. The Pokemon Go Plus increases the chances of capturing an even stronger version of an already-owned Pokemon. However, when it comes to filling out the Pokedex, the phone is still the only option.

Is it worth buying?

As of yet, not much is known about the device. So if you are not a die hard Pokemon Go fan, you can live without the Pokemon Go Plus. It doesn’t improve your catch rate and is useless for capturing new Pokemon. So if you are a die hard fan and you really want to make tons of candies, then only purchase it.


Pokemon Go Plus will be compatible with iPhone 5 devices and up with iOS 8-9 installed. Android devices that have 2 GB RAM or more with Android 4.4-6.0 installed are also compatible. Bluetooth Smart version 4.0 or higher is required for Pokemon Go Plus.


The Pokemon Go Plus will be released on September 24. It is supposed to be priced at $35. However, pre-orders are currently unavailable in most retail stores as well as online stores. E-shopping sites like Amazon, GameStop etc. sold out in a flash and it wasn’t long before the Plus started showing up on eBay. The price was an astonishing amount. It was north of $100–a handful were even priced higher than $200.

SO will it be a success? It remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, it is going to sell like hot cakes. So are you buying this new device? What are your thoughts on it? Do let us know in the comments section below