Recently published market study research titled Global LCD Photoresists Market 2019 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2024 by Fior Markets is encapsulated on the basis of estimation of key market segments in the forecast horizon. The report forecast a conclusive study on the specified market, offering an estimation of the overall market size from 2019 to 2024. The market key segments combined with its market share, recent trends, and technologies used in the industry, overview of the key players and geographical augmentation are explained in the report. An extensive analysis covers market growth factors such as market demand and supplier opportunities, drivers, restraints, technological developments and their future impact on the market.


Report Overview:

LCD photoresists is a large class of photoresist. Their main ingredients include resins, photosensitive agents, solvents and additives, and other components, mainly Color resist, Black Matrix Resist, Overcoat Resist, Photo Spacer and others.

Color resists

Color resists, generally known as photoresist(s), are used to form color filter layers of LCD panels consisted of red, green and blue colors, they are key materials in determining color saturation and contrast for displays.

Color resists are produced by mixing pigments and polymeric binders together, with later additions of dispersants and solvents to create formulations that protect color underlayers during curing processes. The color resists predominantly provide resistance to fading, thermal and chemical degradation, but also provide secondary protection for parts created in the lattice formations that require further treatments and processing during LCD manufacturing.

Black Matrix

Black Matrix is arranged in the form of stripes, grids or mosaics between color patterns of the Red, Green and Blue pixel arrays in the color filter. This product is designed for high light-shielding properties to increase the contrast ratio of LCD panels. Additionally, black matrix is deposited to a glass substrate to prevent leakage of backlight and color mixing from adjacent pixel formations, which also enhances contrast.

Scope of the Report:

The LCD photoresists industry concentration is high; there are few manufacturers in the world, and high-end products mainly from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Global giant manufactures mainly distributed in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. The manufacturers in Japan have a long history and unshakable status in this field. Manufacturers JSR and MCC have relative higher level of product’s quality. As to South Korea, SUMITOMO (Dongwoo) has become as a global leader. In Taiwan, Chimei leads the technology development.

Many companies have several plants, usually located in the place close to aimed consumption region.

The key consumption markets locate at China and South Korea. The South Korea and China takes the market share over 60%, followed by Taiwan with 26.40%. China’s consumption market has a quicker growing speed of CAGR 31.4%.

We tend to believe this industry should have a stable development in the next few years.

The worldwide market for LCD Photoresists is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 2.8% over the next five years, will reach 1340 million US$ in 2024, from 1130 million US$ in 2019.

The report highlights vital supreme players in the worldwide LCD Photoresists market including JSR, Toyo Ink, SUMITOMO(Dongwoo), Chimei, MCC, NSCC, LG Chemical, DNP, Daxin, Everlight Chemical,.


Overarching data related to the foremost players’ in the market are also presented in this research report which includes market share, product offering, new developments and SWOT analysis of the major players. Furthermore, the report expands and formulates market strategies by investing in ultimate partners to influence and traverse business potentials and scope. It adds technological innovations and pinpoints analysis for ever-changing competitive dynamics. Last part of the report describes production, consumption, and rate by product kind and applications forecast year from 2019 to 2024.

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